Care after a knee replacement


Care After Knee Replacement

Coming home after total knee replacement surgery can be difficult on you and your loved one. Senior care services can help you assist your loved one with day-to-day activities as well as the recovery process.

If you'll be caring for a loved one after they've had total knee replacement surgery, remember that the first few days home after being in the hospital are the most difficult. This is when they'll need you most and even basic mobility movements like standing and sitting can take a lot of effort.

It's important to make sure your loved one is taking their medication as prescribed and that their wounds are cared for properly. Ask a doctor or nurse for an explanation on how to change bandages and spot swelling or infection at the wound site.

Be prepared to assist with household chores and medical appointments. Having someone provide at-home senior care can alleviate some of the stresses that may accompany attending medical appointments and other chores.

Once your loved one has recovered, there are strength exercises you can help her perform to ensure the knee gets back in shape. Straight leg lifts will strengthen the quadriceps in the thigh while also improving the stability of the knee joint.

Ankle pumps are another easy exercise to help your loved one get their strength back in their knee. Have them lay flat on their back and bend both ankles up. With toes pointing toward herself, have her push down as if pressing a gas pedal.

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Thanks a lot for sharing such an amazing article which is related to tips which we need to take care after knee replacement. Physical therapy plays a very important role to recover from knee replacement surgery. It's been really great to be here. Keep sharing!