What to Tell Seniors and Their Caregivers as they Prepare for Surgery

Seniors undergo surgery for a wide variety of reasons. Whether they went under the knife for joint replacement or for more medical reasons, it's important for both seniors and their family caregivers to take steps to ensure that surgery goes smoothly. There are several things to keep in mind in the days and weeks leading up to the procedure, experts say.

One of the most important things for seniors and caregivers to do in the run-up to surgery is to ask as many questions as possible. There are certain inquiries that should come standard, such as the length and location of the surgery, but there are other questions that may not seem as obvious. For instance, patients may want to know about when anesthesia will be administered and whether there will be any lingering effects.

There is also some responsibility placed on seniors and their caregivers to ensure that surgery goes smoothly, and this includes providing physicians and surgeons with pertinent medial information. Most significantly, a detailed list of medications that a senior takes will help reduce the risk of any complications and other issues.

It may also be prudent to look into hiring professional home care for the duration of the recovery period. Having someone on hand to assist seniors with things like meal preparation, medication management and homemaking can often be a big help. 

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