Wide variety of home care options help seniors maintain independence


Home Care Helps Seniors Maintain Independence

Anyone with elderly parents knows how much they value their independence. Combined with the desire to age in place, the focus on independent living may make them hesitant to accept any outside help or home care, even if they have shown signs they need assistance around the house. It can be challenging, but family caregivers can help change their perceptions by going over the wide variety of home care options.

Some seniors may be reluctant to accept help because they don't think it's something they need, especially if they're able to perform all the activities of daily living. However, if they haven't been cooking as much as they used to or their house isn't being cleaned, looking to get help for meal preparation and homemaking can be a good idea because it still allows them to retain their independence while improving their quality of life.

Of course, some seniors need more assistance than meal preparation and homemaking. For instance, personal care can help older adults who have difficulty with everyday tasks such as bathing, dressing and washing their hair. Furthermore, companionship care is ideal for seniors who may be showing symptoms of depression or loneliness.

Above all else, it's crucial for seniors to be involved in the discussion. Family members need to be up front about the home are decision, especially with older adults who are reluctant.

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