Study: Can microwave popcorn cause heart disease?


Can microwave popcorn cause heart disease?

A study from West Virginia University School of Public Health, Morgantown, found that exposure to perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) found in items like nonstick cookware, microwave popcorn and food wrappers could cause cardiovascular disease. Those seeking home care for heart conditions should avoid the chemical and limit exposure to items that are high in PFOA.

Researchers found that when studying that health data of 1,200 Americans, the greater the amounts of PFOA in the bloodstream, the greater the risk of cardiovascular disease—regardless of factors like high cholesterol, BMI, diabetes, age and race. While this data is worrisome, scientists still say that the information cannot be proven as completely accurate.

"We can't yet be certain that PFOA causes heart disease," Dr. Anoop Shankar, lead study author and chair of the department of epidemiology in the WVU School of Public Health, told Fox News. "The two could be related in another way, like people with cardiovascular disease tending to retain more PFOA in their blood."

Avoiding packaged foods like microwave popcorn is the best way to ensure that exposure to PFOA doesn't negatively affect your heart. Avoiding this kind of food is also a healthy way to cut back on sodium and start leading a healthier lifestyle.

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