Stay-Cations for Alzheimer's


"Stay-Cations" for Alzheimer's

When your loved one begins to reach more advanced stages of Alzheimer's, it can be difficult to travel with him or her on vacations like you once did in the past. At some point, travel can become too disorienting or stressful for your loved one, but that doesn't mean that vacationing has to completely come to an end. You and your loved one can share in remembering past trips by recreating the sights or sounds right in the safe and familiar setting of your home.

Think about some of your loved one's favorite vacations and use items such as photos, music, nature soundtracks or other props that will stimulate the recollection of past trips. This relapse into memory can be a meaningful and enjoyable experience for both of you as you reminisce about past times. These kinds of "stay-cations" can even be more fulfilling than taking new trips, especially if your loved one has reached a point in his or her Alzheimer's care where he or she does not often recall memories of the past.

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