Music for Alzheimer's Care

Incorporating music as a part of Alzheimer's care services can help ease the challenges that accompany the disease. Music can be used to effectively alter your client's mood, manage agitation caused by stress and activate the brain's cognitive abilities. It can also help with motor skills because the rhythmic patterns can evoke subconscious memories. Music isn't only soothing for the person with Alzheimer's disease either. Caregiver and family members can also benefit from the stress-relieving properties of music therapy.

How to use music therapy
In order to effectively use music to decrease stress and agitation, it is important to mindfully make selections rather than just turn on any random music station. Here are some tips for selecting music:

    • Choose music that your client would have enjoyed in teen years or young adulthood. This music will create a stronger reaction because it will be very familiar and associated with good memories - even if they aren't easily remembered.
    • Be mindful of the pacing and sounds of the music. The natural rhythms can be used to help get Alzheimer's patients active and mobile, or they can help to calm them down.
    • Try to eliminate background noise while playing music to reduce sensory overload and stress.
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