Caring for Your Parents Without Intruding


Caring for Your Parents Without Intruding

An elderly parent's aging process can be difficult for not only you and your siblings, but also for your parent. While you may realize that your parent now needs in-home senior care, it can be difficult for your mom or dad to admit that she or he needs help. Your parent may be resistant to you and your siblings at first, but understand this isn't because he doesn't love you or want your help.

As people age, they often become frightened or angry about their deteriorating physical and mental health or by the loss of their independence. Another common feeling among elderly parents is that they don't want their children to come to see them as a burden.

Talk to your parent about in-home care
Let your loved one know that you want to help because you love him or her, and ask what you or one of your other siblings can do to help. Talking to your mom or dad - rather than making the decision yourself allows your loved one to feel like he or she still has control and independence while letting him or her know there is a support group in place. Your parent may still be resistant at first, which is normal. You could ask if your loved one would like to test it out before deciding to see how he or she would feel about it as an ongoing situation.

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John Nerswick;
Genuine consideration for a person receiving services might be as simple as asking a sincere question and then proceeding in a way that incorporates some aspect of the person's response.