Easy Ways to Keep your Heart Healthy


Easy Ways to Keep your Heart Healthy

Although family history, gender and age are key factors that add to your risk of heart disease, there are easy prevention tips that can delay the onset of this ailment. If you have home care, discuss these tips with for getting active and staying healthy with your care provider. According to The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions, heart disease can affect people of all ages, but generally the risk increases as you age. The risk begins to climb around age 45 for men and age 55 for women.

Preventing heart disease is a matter of keeping up with doctor appointments, getting enough exercise and eating heart-healthy foods. It’s important to get regular blood pressure and cholesterol level checks and ensure that you get checked for diabetes. Since most of these afflictions don’t have warning signs, it’s imperative to get checked out. If there is a problem, then taking action is the next step.

Exercise comes in all forms, and getting outside for a short walk, gardening, or taking a low-impact fitness class are all viable options. If you can’t get outside to exercise, some light housework  or climbing the stairs count toward your fitness goals.

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