Safety in the Summer Heat


Safety in the Summer Heat

Hot summer days can help seniors with home care get out and enjoy the fresh air, but it can also cause exhaustion and dehydration. As you age, you may have increased sensitivity to heat and might not realize when you’re thirsty or have spent too much time in the sun. Read below for the best ways to stay safe during a hot day and avoid dangerous situations that could affect your health.

Loose-fitting clothing that breathes well is the best option for regulating your body’s temperature. If you know you’ll be outside for a long period of time, consider wearing a hat, sunglasses and lots of sunscreen to protect your skin from harsh UV rays.

Find shade
Stay out of the midday sun to avoid heat exhaustion. Eating frequent meals and hydrating throughout the day can also prevent any emergencies. When the sun is at it hottest, try to stay in a cool area or turn on the air conditioning in your home. Cool baths and showers can also lower body temperature.

Seek help
If you feel dizzy, unbalanced or ill, you may have gotten too much sun. Seek professional help or call an emergency phone number to get proper medical attention.

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