Reducing Arthritis Pain Through Nutrition


Reducing Arthritis Pain Through Nutrition

Arthritis is among the most common conditions facing older adults, with approximately one in five seniors experiencing symptoms. The pain and inflammation associated with arthritis can certainly be disruptive, but personal care providers can help seniors reduce some of it by focusing on preparing some specific foods.

Omega-3 fatty acids are one of the healthiest nutrients and should definitely be included in an arthritis sufferers’ diet. The key rests in omega-3′s anti-inflammatory capabilities, which can halt the erosion in the cartilage that causes pain and discomfort. When looking at meal preparation, senior care providers should include foods like salmon, flaxseed and walnuts.

Antioxidants are also a key part of healthy aging, and there are a number of ways home care providers can help ensure their patients get enough of these helpful nutrients. For instance, vitamin C is crucial in the production of collagen, which can reduce pain in bones and cartilage. Meanwhile, carotenes, which are found in a wide variety of vegetables, can reduce the risk of certain inflammation-related disorder.

A healthy diet can help facilitate healthy aging in a wide variety of ways, and reducing the discomfort caused by arthritis is among the most important.

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