Yoga for Heart Health


Yoga for Heart Health

Alternative treatments have become popular options for a host of senior health issues. Everything from acupuncture to deep tissue massage has proven to offer effective relief for a number of conditions, and when it comes to heart disease some experts say that yoga may be one of the best choices.

A centuries-old Indian practice, yoga is good for the heart for a number of reasons. According to the Harvard Medical School, by asking participants to get in a variety of postures, the exercise works many different muscles, which is certainly good for one’s cardiovascular well-being. Working out the muscles also helps them become more sensitive to insulin, which plays a key role in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.

Yoga’s heart-healthy benefits extend beyond working out muscles, however. Many people choose the exercise because it allows them to clear their mind and reduce stress, and seeing as how elevated levels of stress and anxiety are tied to declining cardiovascular health, yoga may be a smart choice. In fact, according to Harvard the exercise can help adults lower their blood pressure, ease palpitations and lower cholesterol.

The benefits haven’t gone unnoticed by the senior care community. In fact, Medicare covers the cost of certain yoga-centric heart health programs, according to CNN.

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