Regaining Independence


Regaining Independence

There are many seniors and family caregivers who want more independence, but do not know exactly how to attain it. Falls, hospital stays, mobility troubles, joint pain; these are all common symptoms of advancing age. Having the right kind of help can be the deciding factor in regaining valuable independence. Oftentimes seniors don’t need medical care, but they do need a little bit of non-medical attention.

Day- to- Day Help

Activities of daily living (ADLs) are essential to a self-reliant life. These things range from getting up and getting ready in the morning, to completing household chores, to checking the mailbox. As people lose the flexibility and energy they had in earlier years, these ADLs become more difficult. Instead of moving away from home to an assisted living community, seniors can have a caregiver help them with the small tasks that stand between them and an independent lifestyle.

Hospital Recovery

The right amount of recovery time after a hospital stay is very important. Having doctors, nurses, therapists and specialists on hand in the hospital is great, but being alone at home can add to the stress of the recovery process. It’s good to have someone to remind you to take your medication and help you around the house while you focus on resting and becoming independent again.


Falls happen for a number of reasons, and can be a contributing factor in seniors losing their independence. Brittle bones and longer recovery time can lead to more serious conditions. Our caregivers can help prevent falls by offering assistance in walking around the house, removing safety hazards, and encouraging exercise to promote strength and flexibility.


Giving up car keys is very difficult for many seniors because they view this as the official relinquishment of their independence. Poor eyesight and slower reaction time may be reasons to lose a driver’s license, but they shouldn’t be reasons to not go to doctor’s appointments or social events. With a caregiver driving, seniors can follow through on their commitments on their own schedule.

Independent Family Caregivers

The demands of caregiving can take family caregivers away from work, children’s events and other parts of life. It can also contribute to sleep loss and increased stress levels. Fulfilling the caregiving role is important, but family caregivers can help themselves be more independent by trusting a caregiver to be there when they can’t.

Independence and well being go hand in hand. At SYNERGY HomeCare, we know that a little bit of help can go a long way toward reducing stress and increasing independence for seniors.

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