Caregiver Recognition: Francis Olatunji

Do opposites attract when it comes to caregiving? Well, they certainly did with this unlikely caregiver and client pair in Fairborn, Ohio. Linda Richmond, a SYNERGY HomeCare client needed a high level of personal care. Even though she liked all of her caregivers, she wasn’t attached to any of them. When Francis Olatunji, was introduced as her new caregiver in September, it was the best thing that could happen to both of them.

Dayton Caregiver

With Francis in charge of her caregiving six days per week, Linda feels much more secure and comfortable with her well-being.

“Francis told me he would not let me fall,” Richmond said. “And that as long as he has been working no one he has cared for has ever fallen. He gives me the secure feeling I need and I know he would never hurt me.”

Working as a caregiver is a great opportunity for Francis as he tries to establish residency and citizenship. He can also help support other family members.

“I think there are many opportunities here,” Olatunji said. “I don’t chase money but I chase a dream because I think if I do better, it will last and if I please you, then you will keep me.”

Francis, who has a wife and a young son, has helped change Linda’s life for the better. She now feels confident going outside, to the grocery store, and even doing an interview with the Dayton Daily news, where she and Francis were featured just last week.

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