Storm preparedness crucial for seniors, caregivers


Storm Preparedness Crucial for Seniors and Caregivers

From snowstorms to hurricanes, emergency situations are dangerous for everyone, but that is especially true for older adults and those who require home care. Treacherous weather can make it difficult for senior care providers to know their patients are safe, but there are some steps they can take beforehand to help ensure they make it through the event without incident.

Perhaps most importantly, care providers and their patients should make arrangements several days ahead of the anticipated event to make sure they're on the same page. This includes steps such as exchanging keys, creating an evacuation plan and making sure both parties can get in contact with one another should the power go out.

It's also critical for home care providers to help their patients get ready for impending storm, especially when it comes to gathering supplies. In addition to making sure they have enough food, other items such as flashlights or blankets are imperative. Additionally, having open lines of communication is essential, so care providers should make sure their cell phone is fully charged.

Above all else, seniors and their caregivers should make sure they stay ahead of the storm. Having a plan in place well ahead of time will help keep everyone safe.

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