Caregivers are a Vital Part of Cancer Treatment


Caregivers are a Vital Part of Cancer Treatment

Cancer treatment can differ greatly from patient to patient. While some people may experience only mild symptoms, others may encounter some that can be quite debilitating and necessitate the use of in-home care. Although family caregivers can often lend a hand around the home, sometimes they can’t always be there, and personal care providers can help fill the gaps.

Chemotherapy is one of the common treatments for a wide variety of cancers, and while it is often one of the best ways to combat the disease, it can sometimes come with a number of side effects. Certain drugs can cause everything from hair loss and anemia to fatigue and nausea. The severity of such symptoms can vary drastically from person to person, but can be managed with the right planning and the use of assistive services.

Along with chemotherapy, many cancer patients require surgery. While the side effects of chemo can be managed, surgery sometimes requires a lengthy recovery period, and patients may need help around the house upon returning from the hospital.

Cancer caregivers can play a number of different roles. In addition to helping patients with activities of everyday living, they can offer encouragement, assist with medication management and even monitor any changes in the condition that may arise.

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