Share the Joys of Caring for a Senior


Share the Joys of Caring for a Senior

Each member of your family is important, and this month we would like to focus on providing care for your senior and elderly loved ones. They have been there to welcome new family members at births and weddings. They have taught you skills and values that you have used throughout your life. At birthdays, sports games, graduations and funerals, your senior family members have been there for you. So what do you do when they need help? You return their love by giving them the best care you can.

There is a lot of joy in caring for senior family members. Yes, it can be hard to witness their mental or physical decline, but your presence makes a big difference to them.Caring for a senior family member is something that over 70% of family caregivers have in common.  Over 68% of family caregivers enjoy this role, though it often includes high stress, and zero payment.

Chances are, caregiving comes so naturally to you that you don’t realize how stressful it has become. Like any part of life, you have good days where everything runs smoothly, but you also have bad days when you will feel stretched too thin to function. What if every day could be a good day? Here is our tip of the month: take advantage of respite care services. Since respite care is tailored to your schedule, you can take advantage of these services a few times a week for “small” tasks. Many family caregivers report a release of stress and tension when a trusted professional takes care of their elder family member.

SYNERGY HomeCare applauds your ongoing family caregiving efforts. We know that you make the difference in your senior loved one’s life, and are here to help you. To find out more about respite care services, contact your local SYNERGY HomeCare agency. We would also like to hear from you! What do you like about caring for your senior family member? Let us know on Facebook or comment on this blog!

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