Matching Caregivers


Matching Caregivers

At SYNERGY HomeCare, we talk a lot about matching the people we serve with the perfect caregivers. You may wonder exactly how we find the ideal caregiver for each individual in our care. There are a few different ways we ensure that we have a caregiver for you and your needs.

Safety First

Prior to bringing anyone on board the SYNERGY HomeCare careTEAM, each potential caregiver is thoroughly screened. A background check searches for any criminal activity in every state. We also require drug screening, and TB testing. If we feel uncomfortable with the caregiver, or their references do no check out, we will not hire that person.


Each SYNERGY HomeCare location has a bench of screened compassionate caregivers that are ready to help. When looking for caregivers, we take skills, education, credentials, experience and dedication into account. We try to have a diverse set of caregiver on our staff in order to help as many people as possible.

Scheduling Software

Technology is also our friend when it comes to finding the best caregiver for you. This computer program searches our bench of caregivers for the desired credentials and skills you need. It also takes into account your location the dates and times your caregiver is needed. With this software, we can find a caregiver that fits the bill and is close and available when you need them.

Keeping it Personal

No need to worry about a stranger showing up on your doorstep. On your caregiver’s first shift, we will personally introduce them to you and make sure that you are comfortable with them. Throughout your home care experience, we will conduct quality visits to ensure your ongoing satisfaction with your caregiver.


Available to each member of SYNERGY HomeCare careTEAM is online caregiver training. By taking these classes, caregivers renew their current skills and are updated about the best care practices. This ensures your long term high quality care.

Care Community

Since caregivers have compassionate and people-centered personalities, they often know other people who would be great additions to our team. We find wonderful caregivers, just by tapping into our care community!

Do you need a compassionate caregiver in your life? Please contact us today!

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