Baby Boomers: Flash Forward


Baby Boomers: Flash Forward

Caring for aging relatives is a big part of life for many members of the baby boomer generation. Family caregivers like you drive loved ones to doctor appointments, ensure their comfort, and are the first responders in an emergency. This frequent interaction with elderly people and their challenges with everyday life can seem like a flash forward to your own senior years. Helping a loved one today is a reminder of what you may need in 20 or 30 years. Baby boomers are shaping the future in many ways, and one of them is in the senior care arena. Here are some services that will help you to be a family caregiver today while you prepare for your future.

A Care Plan

Knowing your parents’ needs can be difficult, especially when Alzheimer’s is part of their life. To prepare yourself and your children for your retirement years, define your care plans. This includes your choice of where to live (assisted living facility, independent living community or at home), as well as medical concerns. Schedule regular health checks now since your medical records are important for your doctor’s reference as you age.

Medication Management

Putting any chemicals into your body can help you feel better. They can also have harmful side effects and, when combined with other chemicals, can be dangerous. You may worry about your loved one overdosing or under dosing medication, or accidentally mixing the wrong medications. Consider a service that will providemedication reminders or medication management for your loved one and your future care plans.

Living Alone

Your loved one may enjoy the freedom and autonomy of living alone. They may also be concerned about their safety and show signs of loneliness. The Administration on Aging reports that 37% of women and 19% of men aged 65 or older live alone.  No matter how many people you live with now, consider companionship care as a way to have great company and prevent the negative effects of living alone. If you or your loved one is afraid of falling, consider getting a medical alarm system to keep you connected with emergency care.

Fading Senses

There is no reason for you to give up the activities you love as you age. True, as we get older, our sense fade and with that so does the ability to drive, cook, garden, or move around as effectively. This experience (as you may have seen) can be painful. Companionship or homemaking help can prolong your involvement in your favorite activities and enable one/you to live in your home.

Taking cues from the Greatest Generation can help you as a member of the baby boomer generation to have better care in your elder years. Find out how non medical home care can make life easier for you and your loved one by contacting your local SYNERGY HomeCare agency.

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