National Safety Month


National Safety Month

Falling in the home is not just a concern for seniors- they can be dangerous to people of all ages.  According to the National Safety Council (NSC), falls are the second-leading cause of unintentional death in homes and communities. Inspired by the NSC and National Safety Month, here are some quick and easy tips to make your home safe.


    • Keep toys, boxes, shoes, and any tripping hazards away from walkways and stairs. This also includes securing electrical cords and wires against walls and out of the way.
    • Use non-slip mats in the kitchen and bathroom and place non-skid mats under throw rugs to keep them from slipping.
    • Clean up any spills immediately to prevent slipping.
    • Use night lights to illuminate hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms at night.
    • Ensure that flooring is secured and even. Broken or chipped tiles and bunched carpet create tripping hazards.


    • Keep walkways clear from debris, trash, leaves, and clutter.
    • Keep porches, stairs, and rails in good repair.
    • At night, have adequate light around walkways and front doors.
    • In colder winter environments, have easy access to salt or kitty litter to sprinkle on slippery sidewalks.
    • Use handrails when going up or down stairs or escalators.

Preventative Measures for Older Adults

    • Improve strength and balance through exercise such as walking, yoga, and other activities that improve balance. Classes for seniors are often offered at local community centers.
    • Have a doctor go over all the side effects of prescribed and over the counter medication being taken. The different combinations of medication can cause light headedness and dizziness which could lead to a fall.
    • Poor vision will also increase chances of falls. Yearly eye appointments will ensure up to date glasses prescription.

These easy steps will help ensure the safety of your family and avoid needless accidents. Need help safe proofing your home? Contact your local SYNERGY HomeCare Office. For more information on the National Safety Council or National Safety Month please visit their website at

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