Meet our Star Caregivers


Meet our Star Caregivers

A great caregiver is the most important component of home care.  Our caregivers dedicate their time and energy to helping people, whether they have an established relationship with that person, or have just met them. SYNERGY HomeCare sets the bar very high, and will only match the best caregivers with your loved one. Still, there are many stories about caregivers who go the extra mile just to make sure that the person (or family) they serve is safe, healthy and happy.

If you provide personal care, light housekeeping, companionship or memory care for a loved one, you may need a few hours of respite care. You can trust our caregivers to provide the attentive, loving care that your loved one needs and deserves. We are proud to introduce a few of our star caregivers to you.

Florence Thompson

Meet Florence Thompson, SYNERGY HomeCare’s 2011 Caregiver of the Year. Whether Florence is providing home care, running her cleaning business or helping to fund a school in Sierra Leone, she is always in the service of others. When Florence joined SYNERGY HomeCare of Montgomery and Bucks Counties, she began caring for a woman who had experienced a stroke, and was bed bound. After only a week, Florence had helped the woman have better mobility and vocalization, and had brought her own food and cleaning supplies to improve the home. Over a year later, Florence still serves this woman and her family.

In the words of Kathe and Maryanne, the woman’s daughters, “For all the times we counted on Florence, we thank her with all our heart for never letting us down.”

Evelyn Kutor

We were honored to have Evelyn Kutor as Caregiver of the Year in 2009.  A member of the SYNERGY HomeCare of Northern New Jersey careTEAM, Evelyn was a great example of compassionate caregiving to Mr. Johnson. On top of having Alzheimer’s disease, Mr. Johnson had not received the best care, as confined to his bed, was not eating, and his house was in bad shape. Evelyn stepped in, treated him as her own father, and soon had him well-fed, moving around, and living in a welcoming environment.

According to SYNERGY HomeCare of Northern New Jersey Owner, “She is a gem in this industry and has helped SYNERGY HomeCare stand apart from other home care providers.”

LaJeanna McKnight

LaJeanna, who works for SYNERGY HomeCare of Metro Atlanta, was a caregiver to James, a veteran who had experienced a traumatic brain injury and had trouble with speech and movement on the right side of his body. With few physical therapy options, home care was the best choice for Gracie and James.  After LaJeanna began working with James, he was able to lift his right arm; something they had thought impossible.

James and his family caregiver Gracie (his sister) were able to use this achievement as inspiration to pursue further recovery and more mobility for James. He can now stand up, walk and speak better. He even went to the movies with his caregiver on Saturday!

Gracie says, “LaJeanna’s smile, warmth, compassion, intelligence and belief in James work their magic. She was the spark that ignited a chain reaction.”

Great caregivers recognize great family caregivers! LaJeanna went on to nominate Gracie for the Pillar of Strength Award in our Arms Around Family Caregivers program.

Thanks to our star caregivers for their ongoing efforts to improve the lives of others!

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