A Celebration of Fathers and Husbands


A Celebration of Fathers and Husbands

A Celebration of Fathers and Husbands

Every year on Father’s Day, millions of Americans give greeting cards and gifts in the form of barbeque grills and baseball tickets to fathers and husbands across the nation. In lieu of sending a hand-written card to every one of the country’s hard working family men, we’d like to offer up this letter of appreciation.

This weekend is one truly devoted to fathers and husbands, with Husband Caregiver’s Day falling on June 15 and Father’s Day June 17. The number of male caregivers in the USA has doubled over the past 15 years. In fact, male caregivers represent 40% of family caregivers, 82% of whom actively work full-time jobs while also performing over 19 hours of care per week. It’s clear from these numbers that there is very large number of devoted family men in our midst that deserve our recognition and praise.

Naturally, around two-thirds of these men mention that their caregiving responsibilities affect their work life in many ways, such as taking extra time off, coming in late and leaving early.

As our gift for fathers and husband caregivers, here are a few tips.

    • Maintain a regular exercise schedule and healthy diet–letting your own well being suffer is the last thing your loved one needs and would want for you. Make time to go to the gym or have a pick-up game with your friends.
    • Have hobbies and other activities that aren’t work related.
    • Investigate respite care. Your family may be able to help you. SYNERGY HomeCare can also provide respite care. Make sure that you’re not shouldering the full responsibility on your own without rest.

To find out more about how SYNERGY HomeCare can help in all of your caregiving endeavors, call us at 877-484-4306.

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