Technology and the Family Caregiver


Technology and the Family Caregiver

For a while now we’ve been focusing on the nation’s strong and dependable family caregivers. We want to make sure that these hard-working caregivers get the rest they deserve and the help they need, which is why want to highlight the benefits of using technology to help alleviate the stresses of family caregiving.

A January 2011 survey shows that new technology can actually reduce the burdens of the average American family caregiver.[1] In addition, more and more studies continue to show that family caregivers are eager to find technological and web-based tools that can help to improve their own quality of life as well as the quality of life of the loved one they’re caring for.

While reading this you may be wondering what sort of “technology” we’re referring to or worrying that these technologies might be hard to find or use, but the truth is that there are a lot of technological resources available to you as a family caregiver, all the way from a powered wheelchair to this blog! Since you’re reading this blog, you’ve already witnessed how technology can benefit you and your family. One of the advantages of our time is that we now live in a world where countless resources are always ready and available—all you have to do is find them!

Here is a short list of some forms of technology that have proven to be useful in the life of the family caregiver:

    • Online resources, such as articles, studies, and facts
    • Cell phones or smart phones with web capabilities for access to up-to-date tips and help and support for family caregiving
    • “Low-tech” devices like walkers and pill organizers
    • Toilet and bathing aids
    • Dressing and grooming aids
    • Transfer benches and handrails

Obviously this list is incomplete, but hopefully it gives you a sense of your numerous options of technological devices that have been designed to alleviate your burden and make family caregiving much more easy and enjoyable.

For a more thorough index of technological tools designed to help you and your family, feel free to visit sites like, and be sure to check back to our own high-tech webpage here at SYNERGY HomeCare for more helpful information.

[1] © 2011 United HealthCare Services, Inc.

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