4 Reasons to Make a Long Term Care Plan for Your Parents


4 Reasons to Make a Long Term Care Plan for Your Parents

As your parents age, you know that they will eventually need care of some kind.  While this thought can be at once scary and stressful, take comfort knowing that you can plan now to brighten your parents’ golden years for the whole family.

Arranging long term care plans with your parents can be a bonding activity. Below are a few reasons to approach the topic of long term care with your parents.

Save Yourself from Worrying

Why didn’t I think of this earlier? Is this what Mom would want? Who is Dad’s lawyer? These are questions that can be avoided by communicating about long term care now.  Take the time now to learn your loved one’s wishes for the type of care they would like to receive, and free yourself from worrying in the future

Tip: Want to help your kids? Make a long term care plan for yourself and keep it on file for their use later.

A Wise Investment

Whether you put time or money into it, you long term care plan will pay off in the end.  Oftentimes, you can get long term care insurance prior to needing care, and not have to worry about it later.  Get the ball rolling on tasks that will save time later, like interviewing home care companies or taking tours of assisted living facilities.

Family Ties

When parents become ill or are injured, their children often become upset.  Without a plan, siblings, grandchildren and even other family members can fight over the proper treatment of their loved one.  A long term care plan keeps everyone on the same page, and helps everyone come to the same conclusion, promoting a supportive atmosphere.

Tip: Want to be a good example to your kids? By caring for your parents, you are showing them how to effectively and compassionately care for someone else.

Pre- Made Delegation

Family caregivers are often bogged down with all the tasks of long term care, when a long term care plan can cover home care, which helps with activities of daily living. A long term care plan should also cover any medical needs, such as nursing services.

National Healthcare Decisions Day (NHDD) was on April 16.  Learn more about making long term care plans and advance directives from the official website of NHDD.  You can also find out more about long term care from SYNERGY HomeCare.

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