Making the Choice

Dear Friends and Families,

Your health is a part of you that affects every part of your life.  We all want to feel well; to have energy, vitality, and the ability to take on the joys and challenges of life. Good health can be taken for granted, and many people close their eyes and cross their fingers, hoping that this wellness remains in- tact. While poor health can certainly be avoided through healthy living habits, there are times when disease or injury are unexpected. On the other hand, no matter how fit or conscious you are, you cannot avoid the complications of old age, injury, or inherited conditions. All things considered, good health is not a given, but you can ensure your well being by making the choice to take your long-term care into your own hands.


National Healthcare Decisions Day is coming up on April 16.  Take this time to evaluate your long-term care plans and create or adjust them to promote your well being, comfort and independence throughout your life. If you work in the healthcare field, encourage your patients and their families to make decisions about their long term care plans.

Planning ahead

Throughout April, the SYNERGY HomeCare blogFacebook and Twitter accounts will provide information on the following topics. As you plan ahead for your long term care, make decisions about:

    • Advance directives – Power of attorney and living will documents
    • Location – Decide if you would like to live at home, at an assisted living community, or in another facility
    • Financing – Choose or adjust your insurance plan to cover long-term care
    • Benefits – Find out if you or your spouse is eligible for any benefits that will help you with your long term care plans.
    • Legal Concerns

The long term healthcare decisions you make today will benefit you, your spouse, your children, your finances and your lifestyle.  Making long term healthcare choices requires time, thought and action, but it is the best way to ensure your well being and the well being of your loved ones in the years to come.


Peter Tourian

Founder and CEO

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