When You Are Away


When You Are Away

Every experienced family caregiver has their routine. They know the right medication to give their loved one at the exact time. When emergencies occur, they have back-up plans and are even CPR certified.  Even over the phone, they can tell if the day is good or bad for their loved one. You may be familiar with this scenario.  You may see yourself mastering family caregiving. You may also be new to caring for your loved one. It doesn’t matter how comfortable you are with your role as a family caregiver; you will always worry when you cannot be there to ensure your loved one’s safety and well being.

Being away from a loved one when they need your help can be one of the hardest parts of life as a family caregiver. It can be nearly impossible to have peace of mind when you are at work, when you go home for the night, or even when you run errands. Living in a different town or state can compound the problem: not only are you away from your loved one; you can’t get there quickly if they need help.

While your contingency plans may rely on neighbors, friends and community to keep an eye on your aging, sick, or immobile loved one, these plans can fall through. Family caregivers like you often want dependable way to be assured that family member is secure, comfortable and in good hands. For this reason, SYNERGY HomeCare created the Courtesy Care program, a care plan that allows for short visits, recorded phone calls, and emergency precautions.

Courtesy Care is a great solution for family caregivers who would like a dependable way of checking in on their loved one when they are at work, on a trip, or live far away. It is also a good solution for seniors or other family members who reject full-time care, even if you insist on it. Many people are open to a 15 minute Courtesy Visit or a five minute Courtesy Call. While these check-ins may seem short, they give trained and experienced caregivers just enough time to make sure that your loved one is doing well.

When you are away from your loved one, having a reliable and fool-proof backup plan for their well being is one of the best things you can do. Learn more about how Courtesy Care can help you by reading our blog this month.

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