Measuring Your Loved One’s Well Being


Measuring Your Loved One’s Well Being

Though most people view holidays simply as a time to be with their family, the situation is a bit different for long distance caregivers. Coming home and visiting older relatives offers the chance to take stock of their particular needs around the home, and experts say there are a few changes that could signal an older adult may necessitate more assistance.

Family caregivers should be looking to see if they’re loved one has lost a considerable amount weight since the last time they visited. If they have, it could be indicative of several things. For instance, it could signal that they’re having difficulty cooking for themselves, but it could also be due to a chronic condition. Whatever the case may be, it might be time to look into personal care.

Physical factors aren’t the only thing family caregivers should look out when they come home for the holidays, emotional well-being is important as well. Industry experts suggest looking for symptoms of depression, such as a lack of interest in activities or disruptive sleep patterns.

Above all else, long distance caregivers should talk to their patients about whether they need more help around the house. A discussion can help them know if they should look into different services such as companionship care or home care.

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