The Caregiver’s Wishlist


The Caregiver’s Wishlist

The holiday season is a time for giving, and the best gifts for a caregiver can take some of the pressure off throughout the year. It can be difficult for caregivers to ask for help, but creating a wishlist around the holidays may help family members better understand their unique needs and get them a meaningful present

According to the Family Caregiver Association, caregivers may want to ask for respite care as a gift. This could mean another family member steps in to take the loved one for a walk once a week, or is willing to hang out while the primary caregiver does some shopping or goes to the gym. This gift could also be the offer to pay for a professional home care aide to come into the home every so often to assist with housekeeping or healthcare tasks.

A caregiver’s wishlist might also include some care for themself. A gift certificate to a nail salon or spa may offer an excuse for much-needed rest and relaxation, and some movie passes could encourage a night out. Family members may also want to offer to complete some home repairs or housework if they do not feel comfortable providing personal care.

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