Motherly Independence

One of our goals here at SYNERGY HomeCare is to help many different types of people become more independent and free. This includes new and expecting mothers, as the addition of a new bundle of joy requires almost constant attention and preparation.

As an expecting mother you know that while pregnancy is beautiful and exciting it is also quite demanding. The constant trips to the doctor’s office and all of the preparation for the new baby would be exhausting enough if you weren’t already working night and day at bringing a new life into the world. It’s normal to feel a little bit overwhelmed during your pregnancy, especially if you also have additional work to do and a family to take care of.

It’s for this reason that SYERGY HomeCare provides the following services through our expert caregivers for our excited, and often times exhausted, expecting mothers:

    • Light housekeeping, because we know how difficult it can be to find the time to keep up with it all
    • Meal preparation and freezer stocking to help keep you and the rest of your family well fed
    • Preparing and organizing for the new baby—there’s a lot of work to do!
    • Bed rest assistance for the light-duty part of your pregnancy. We understand how daily things can pile up during this time so your caregiver is available for you to help make some of those household duties disappear, along with your stress.

Of course, the helping doesn’t stop when the baby comes—if anything even more help will be necessary at that time.

For our new moms we offer the following Welcome Home, Baby services:

    • Around-the-clock care for those moms with busy families and lots of things to do
    • Over night care with a caregiver on stand-by for those (often times) long, long nights
    • Optional hourly care, just in case you want to get away for a few hours and have some worry-free alone time to pamper yourself or even to get back to work
    • Assistance with and supervision of other children because an extra set of eyes and hands is always helpful during the new-addition transition
    • Errands, shopping, light housekeeping, laundry, and meal preparation because we know how much love and attention your new baby requires.

At SYNERGY HomeCare we also know how crucial safety is for any and all of our clients. That’s why our caregivers have experience and training in all of the areas that they will be assisting in as well as full insurance and bonding. National criminal background checks are also done so that you know that you and your family are safe.

All of the services that we offer for our new and expecting mothers are geared towards their comfort and independence. With the peace of mind our caregivers provide we hope that the only thing you have to struggle with is deciding what color to paint the nursery.

Are you a new mom?  Learn more about how SYNERGY HomeCare can help you by visiting our Caring for New Moms Page.

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