A Month of Independence


A Month of Independence

The first lesson in home care is that independence is invaluable.  Our team at SYNERGY HomeCare wanted to dedicate our July newsletter to promoting independence, particularly in seniors.  This topic is one that I thought was fitting, not only because it corresponds with Independence Day, but also because it is an ongoing concern for our clients.

Last week we celebrated the Fourth of July, which commemorates our Declaration of Independence as a nation, as a culture, and as individuals.  Even over 235 years later, there is a reason why we keep throwing barbeques, waving flags, and lighting fireworks; it is because freedom is essential to our way of life.

When a person ages and their abilities slowly diminish, or when illness strikes and their health is suddenly taken from them, it is easy to help them by doing things for them.  However, the depression and helplessness these seniors often feel are not because of their aging or their sickness; it is because their independence has been impeded in a significant way.

Being active in the home care experience is becoming increasingly important to seniors.  We have heard this request from many of the families we serve, and have delivered valuable services to them.  We have eased the investigation of home care through our telephonic topic line.  Interested seniors can also receive a complimentarymedical alarm service to protect their safety and security.  We also offer a courtesy care plan, based on communication with a caregiver through phone calls.

When it comes down to it, people don’t just choose home care because it gives themcompanionshippersonal assistance or even an informal housekeeper.  People choose home care so that they can retain a certain amount of freedom in their lives.  You can put a price tag on an hour of care, but you cannot weigh the value of once again being able to get out of bed for fear of falling, or planting your prize roses or visiting your long-time neighbor.

SYNERGY HomeCare aims to help seniors with the tasks with which they need assistance while simultaneously promoting their sense of autonomy.  We are happy to celebrate senior independence with you this month. I invite you to reference our website for more resources on this important subject.


Peter Tourian


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