Finding a Hobby in Elder Age


Finding a Hobby in Elder Age

As elder age settles in, seniors find it hard to accomplish the same tasks and engage in the same hobbies that they enjoyed when they were younger.   An aging body compounded with a fixed income changes one’s lifestyle and habits.  The common denominator among many senior citizens is boredom.  After a productive and busy life, retirement years can seem slow and uneventful.

The common denominator among many senior citizens is boredom.  After a productive and busy life, retirement years can seem slow and uneventful.  Sometimes aging relatives may pick up hobbies that fulfill them in their elder years.  On the other hand, some seniors develop habits than can eventually lead to bigger problems.  Seniors have been known to pick up shopping, smoking and online gambling to pass the time.  These activities can lead to financial instability and health problems.  Seniors may also experience depression as they focus on their difficulties.

It is hard to see a loved one go through tough times.  When your senior relative is feeling down in the dumps or just plain bored, you have the opportunity to lift them up.   Here are some ways to help:

Put it all up Front

Tell your loved one how much they mean to you.   With nothing productive to do, self worth can diminish over time.  When you talk to your senior, keep the conversation positive and constructively reinforce a positive attitude.

Plan something to look forward to

A calendar can be a powerful thing to dispel boredom.  Simply looking forward to an activity or event can make a difference on more lethargic days.  Start with one activity, and then build their calendar to include more events.  You may start with Tuesday Bingo nights and expand to Fridays and Saturdays for an exercise or pottery class.

Keep it Interesting

If your loved one was an avid skier in their younger years, they might miss it.  On the other hand, if they hated knitting, chances are they are not going to want to start now – they still want to ski.  This is a time where you may need to be more creative.  There are interactive video games that re-create the skiing experience.  Don’t try to push activities on a senior that they do not want to do.

Visit as Often as Possible

Something as easy as watching a TV show or eating dinner can be much more enjoyable with company.  Make it a point to participate in the seemingly basic activities of life.  If a senior sat down to dinner with their family every night for 40 years, the breaking of this ritual will come as a blow to them.

Learn something new

There are many fun activities that your elder loved one might enjoy.  Trying or learning something new improves self worth and gives the senior a new avenue of enjoyment to pursue.

Provide companionship

Sometimes all a senior needs is someone (or something) to spend time with. If your elder relative like animals, a low-maintenance pet might be a solution.  If you are unable to visit as much as you would like, there are people who can visit your senior.  Professional caregivers get to know them and send quality time in a care environment.

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