A Commitment to a Better Tomorrow


A Commitment to a Better Tomorrow

Hello friends and family,

Caregiving often calls upon us to enter complicated and seemingly hopeless situations.  Yet, after more than 10 years in home care, I am still amazed by the great influence that a caregiver can have.  Last year, Evelyn Kutor, a professional caregiver from our Northern New Jersey office, assumed the care of an elderly, malnourished and bed-ridden man with dementia.  His previous caregiver hired privately by the client’s family, provided little to no care and left the house in shambles.   Evelyn’s dedication and compassion shone through what could have been a disastrous situation.  In short time, the house was clean and welcoming.  After some therapeutic work and proper nutrition, the man she cared for was moving about the house freely.

This is what home care is all about: enhancing the lives of others.  Sometimes a small amount of support can help a person find the independence and energy that they once thought were lost.  This fact especially rings true for the people to whom we have devoted this newsletter; those who have multiple sclerosis, a group now 400,000 strong in the United States.

Multiple sclerosis is a disease often depicted as debilitating and its victims as invalids.  In reality, about 80% of those with MS are in various stages of remission.  While the assistance of a family or professional caregiver is needed during acute attacks or flare-ups, many people with MS seek for ways to complete their daily activities and lead full and rewarding lives.

Time and time again, I have seen a little bit of caregiving go a long way.  Much like Evelyn Kutor, the 2009 SYNERGY HomeCare Caregiver of the Year, I know that everyone has the potential to overcome their stumbling blocks.


Peter Tourian

CEO, Synergy HomeCare

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