Managing Pain


Managing Pain

Pain can be an unfortunate companion of age or illness.  It is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong.  In many instances, pain is a symptom that can be treated with over-the-counter medication or a visit to the doctor.  However, for a fifth of the U.S. population, pain is a more invasive experience.

According to a 2009 US News and World Report, about 76.5 million experience pain longer than 24 hours.  Of those people, 42% have endured pain longer than one year and one third of those enduring chronic pain are in their elder years.

For the many people who experience unyielding pain, the first priority is relief.  However, when the strongest prescription drugs are ineffective, many wonder where to turn.  When you are constantly in pain, where should you turn for help?  At these times, you may want to consider a treatment plan managed by a skilled nurse.  In the November issue of Scientific American, a new study found that adding a low-cost, phone-based therapy and /or a semi-regular exercise program can greatly diminish pain levels. The compassionate and customized care of a Skilled caregiver can provide the relief you need with a personalized touch.

By properly treating your chronic pain, you will regain the things that pain takes away: independence, well being, happiness, alertness and overall health.

Learn more about how a SYNERGY HomeCare Skilled Nurse can help you with your chronic pain, or the pain of your loved one, please visit our Skilled Nursing web page or call (800) 230-4851.

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