Cancer is Beatable

Dear Friends and Families,

One of the scariest medical reports a person can receive is the diagnosis of cancer.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cancer holds a consistent spot as the second leading cause of death in the United States.  Alternately, news of remission or successful treatment is celebrated by cancer patients and their families.  Between diagnosis and recovery is the treatment process, which can be long, painful and difficult.

Recently, a member of the SYNERGY HomeCare corporate team shared an inspiring story with me.  When she was in high school, a close friend of hers was rushed to the hospital for an acute asthma attack, only to be diagnosed with lymphoma.  Upon further investigation, the doctors found a tumor the size of a softball sitting on her friend’s lung.  As Kate spent time with her friend, she was surprised to find that her friend was extremely social and active for a person undergoing cancer therapy, even reaching out to others to teach and uplift. Kate’s friend left cancer behind years ago, and went on to achieve world class recognition in skeet shooting, thus earning full-ride scholarships for her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees.

At SYNERGY HomeCare, we have the privilege of bonding with many cancer patients as they go through chemotherapy, radiation and surgery.  As we care, we also encourage our clients to have a voice and to teach us what they know.  Kate’s friend is a great example of how a person can heal in the process of strengthening others.  Our caregivers are trained to promote the independence and individuality of each person we serve and are there with the moral support, encouragement and physical caregiving that people with cancer need. It is easy for cancer patients and their families to fear the worst, and our caregivers understand the importance of hoping for a resilient future.

There are many ways to ease cancer treatments.  With each person we help, our goal is to give them the least stressful and most comfortable recovery experience, given the unpleasant side effects of common cancer therapy.  From keeping up with household tasks, to communicating with long-distance family members about a loved one’s progress, to ensuring the highest quality care during nausea, anemia, pain, infection, and other complications, SYNERGY HomeCare can make all the difference during cancer recovery.

With the right kind of care, a difficult ordeal can become a strengthening experience.  Many people have achieved new personal, professional, athletic and educations heights after beating cancer, and we wish only that for the people we serve. Cancer is beatable, and SYNERGY HomeCare is here to help.


Peter Tourian
CEO and Founder, SYNERGY HomeCare

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