A Resolution for a Healthier Lifestyle


A Resolution for a Healthier Lifestyle

Hello friends and families,

When I was a medical staffing administrator, I always tried to match my clients with caregivers who would increase their well being and help them grow.  As a medical professional, you know that a healthy lifestyle is integral to preventing problems later in life. The New Year is a great time to refresh your daily routine and encourage others in your life to do the same.

Amid the pressures and responsibilities demanded by a busy schedule, it can be difficult to find the time and energy to take care of yourself.  You may have a desire to be more health conscious, but feel disheartened from the search for healthy living methods.  It is my experience that even in the most complicated of circumstances people find pride, accomplishment and elevated health standards when they invest in a personal health regimen.

We are all called upon to achieve much in our lives.  We need to juggle our careers, volunteer work, hobbies, education and recreation, as well as nurture our relationships with those we love.  These pursuits, while noble, are often taxing on one’s personal health.  The best “medicine” to prevent health problems and to continue the healing process is a regular dose of good habits.  Taking better care of ourselves allows us to perform at a higher level.  Taking inspiration from two famous sayings: by putting our best foot forward now, we can lengthen our stride in the future.

Start today to build your health regimen.  Evaluate what you want to accomplish, and develop one good habit at a time.  While you create a healthier outlook, please feel free to use Synergy HomeCare as a reference.  We will be here to provide tips and advice, and address helpful topics on our blog, our website (synergyhomecare.com) and our social networks on Facebook and Twitter.


Peter Tourian

CEO, Synergy HomeCare

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