Happy National Assisted Living Week

SYNERGY HomeCare caregiver laughs with an older woman who lives in an assisted living community.

As of September 2023, more than 800,000 Americans are currently residing in assisted living facilities or communities. While SYNERGY HomeCare is known for its promotion of at-home, independent aging, they recognize the tremendous benefits that make assisted living a great solution. With National Assisted Living Week coming up from September 10th to 16th, it’s the perfect time to highlight the many ways that families stand to benefit from these communities – and how home care complements.

What is National Assisted Living Week

National Assisted Living Week (NALW) is a week-long recognition of our older loved ones who receive professional care and the staff who take care of them. Founded in 1995 by the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), the celebration incorporates yearly themes and events to highlight what goes into the aging process and why it’s all worth it.

This year’s theme is Season of Reflection, as assisted living communities around the country are invited to host events that showcase the most important things in life and within these facilities – the special relationships forged from spending time together.

The Benefits of Assisted Living

The vast majority of residents in assisted living are 85 or older; in fact, this demographic makes up 50% of these communities. These same residents are faced with a number of challenges in their daily lives such as difficulty bathing (64%), mobility issues (50%), and difficulty getting dressed (49%).

These needs require constant supervision in order to ensure older loved ones can still enjoy normal, healthy living, which can be provided by the 24/7 teams of skilled nurses and assistants who work in such environments.

Aside from assistance with activities of daily living, assisted living communities also typically offer a range of services similar to those you’d find at a resort or vacation destination. Alongside the medical staff are professional cooks who offer three high-quality meals a day, on-site housekeepers and maintenance workers, pre-arranged transportation services, and even exercise and wellness professionals.

Some assisted living facilities also have their own specializations for helping certain types of clients. For example, nearly 20% of assisted living facilities have a dementia care unit or designated wing. Other specializations include Parkinson’s care, intellectual or developmental disability services, and even in-house podiatry teams.

All of these offerings also come at half the cost of a traditional nursing home. On average, the price tag of an assisted living community is only 53% of the average cost of a nursing home. State-run services like Medicaid also help to bring those costs even lower, which is the case for almost 1 in 5 assisted living residents.

Individualized Care

One of the most common misconceptions about assisted living is that it comes at the cost of personalized care. This idea is completely FALSE.

Residents of assisted living facilities are entitled to some of the most individualized yet affordable care available. On average, only 39 residents make up one of these facilities with a 1-to-1.67 staff-client ratio.

If that still isn’t enough individual care for you, some home care companies can also come into these facilities to provide additional one-on-one support. Companies like SYNERGY HomeCare regularly collaborate with local facilities to ensure residents receive the support they need and deserve. Caregivers from these companies can even transition with a client who formerly received in-home care to their new residence within an assisted living community.

See For Yourself

The concept of assisted living facilities that you likely had in mind is outdated and is now a thing of the past. Care is an ever-evolving practice and industry experts are always ahead of the curve. You and your loved one are entitled to the care you deserve, at a cost that won’t break the bank – which can be found in any of these communities.

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