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Senior Caregivers Provide Peace of Mind in Tucson, AZ


A senior caregiver provides peace of mind for families living out of state.  Not knowing how your loved one is doing day-to-day can be stressful when you live out of state.  A caregiver helps ensure that elderly people remain safe and healthy in their own home.

Eating well-balanced meals, staying hydrated, taking medications on time, and remaining socially engaged are common concerns for family members of seniors who live on their own.  Regular visits by a caregiver can prevent problems from snowballing out of control.

Assistance with daily activities is a primary function of caregivers who work with the elderly.  Caregivers create a safe environment for bathing, dressing, and transferring.  They also prepare meals and perform housekeeping tasks.

Caregivers offer personalized attention for clients.  When a caregiver gets to know a client, she can detect changes in health or mood that indicate a significant issue, allowing for prompt intervention.  This early detection can prevent something like a urinary tract infection from leading to a fall or a more serious infection.

Medication monitoring is very difficult to manage from afar.  Caregivers can provide the daily medication reminders that keep a person’s health on track.  They can also monitor vitals like blood pressure, heart rate, and weight.  This information can be tracked for the benefit of family members and primary care providers.

Senior caregivers provide companionship, reducing the social isolation often experienced by the elderly.  It is very common for caregivers and clients to develop strong relationships.  Caregivers can accompany clients to a store, on a trip to a favorite Tucson destination, or to visit friends across town.  They can participate in a favorite activity such as baking cookies or playing cards.

Senior Caregiver Helping Client

Caregivers provide communication and updates for the benefit of family members.  Daily care logs can be shared with family.  This line of communication helps family members stay involved in the care process.

One vital benefit that caregivers can provide for family members is transportation to medical appointments.  Standard medical transportation is often not as reliable as we’d like.  Drivers often have multiple pick ups and drop offs on a single trip.  Unfortunately, any delays cause chain reactions that negatively impact the pick-up or drop-off time of other riders.  Caregivers can accompany clients into medical appointments if desired by clients and their families.

SYNERGY HomeCare creates a care plan that is unique to each client.  This includes input from family as needed.  We welcome communication with family members.  SYNERGY HomeCare is able to provide the care that your family member needs, including providing care for a wide variety of needs and situations, and care for just a few times a week up to 24/7 care.