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headshot of candice liuMeet Candice Liu, owner of SYNERGY HomeCare of Reston.

After six years of putting her life and accounting career on hold to care for her ailing mother, Candice was ready to help others who fall into similar life situations.

Even though her father was also there to help, she solely managed and cared for her mother 24/7. She tells a story of watching her beloved mother deteriorate while witnessing her friends moving on with their lives, getting married, having babies, and living the life she had hoped to have. Her deepest takeaway was knowing the inevitable, that her mother would pass soon. That in itself was a tough thing to live with every day. She felt isolated and had many dark days. It took a toll on her, leaving an emptiness thinly veiled in gloom with no way out.

Her big takeaway from being a live-in caregiver was that caregivers need care, too. She knows first-hand what it is like to care for a family member and the emotional toll it takes.

Her mother passed, which led to a different kind of darkness, one of loss and confusion about what the future would hold for her. With time, Candice was able to grieve and pull herself out of the darkness she had been living in the past six years.

Reviewing her time with her mother and how it affected her, she searched for a business that would allow her to compassionately help family caregivers live their best lives while caring for their loved ones.

By this time, Candice was a firm believer in the adage of "It takes a village to raise a child," which was also applicable to caring for a family member, as no one should do it without help. Her experience and compassion led to the conclusion that family caregivers need guidance, advice, resources, and tips for living as the family caregiver. She felt her "insider information" was invaluable and necessary to share.

Then she found SYNERGY HomeCare and realized it was the perfect answer to her need to care for others well, both physically and emotionally. She bought the franchise, structured her business, and here she sits today, caring for others to thrive in their own homes, living their best lives.

Candice is a moving and compassionate woman who cares for everyone, those affected by illness or age. As one might imagine, she is big on helping family caregivers, so they know they are not alone. She wants to be a part of their journey.

Other passions include caring for those with autism as well as children. She wants you to know that whatever your needs are, you are not alone. She and her team of compassionate caregivers are here to help you thrive in your own home, regardless of the reason you need home care.

She can only imagine what the past six years would have been like had she known about all the services that SYNERGY HomeCare provides. You can learn from Candice’s experience and save yourself much grief by addressing care needs early.  

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