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We thank our clients for wonderful words reminding us that we make a difference
in their lives

Reviews are the windows into our core of trust and compassion---something everyone searching for the right home care agency should read. Most home care agencies will tell you that they’re "the best in town." Read the reviews and feel your way to reason as you make your decision.

SYNERGY HomeCare's reviews are the stories written about us by clients and their families. We believe it's important for new clients to "feel their way to reason" before hiring us as their caregiver. What we mean by this is for them to get an idea of what it will be like for their mom or dad to have in home help. That's what reviews do---they paint the picture. Once a potential new client thinks SYNERGY HomeCare might be the agency for them, we offer a meeting to discuss every single question, concern and logistic.

For example, anyone can make a sandwich for your mom's lunch. We don't just go through the motions of putting a plate in front of your mom; we include your mom in the process so that she feels like she has choices. Her caregiver will remember that she likes to have a cookie after lunch. Or a cup of tea---it's the little things that matter. And as time goes on, your mom will know what foods she likes best from her caregiver and can request her favorites. Before you know it, Mom and her caregiver have started building a nice, trusting relationship that makes your mom noticeably happier. And when they're working on a dining room table sized puzzle together, you call Mom, she may tell you she can't talk now. And that's a good thing. There's peace of mind knowing that your mom is thriving and safe, and will call you back "when she can!!" That's a sweet story. And a common one.

We hope our Google and Facebook reviews will help you to feel your way to reason as you choose a home care agency.

May 2019
Ashley Frost
Synergy is definitely the best company I have worked for. The office team and upper management are so supportive and kind and they are always willing to work with my schedule, which has really helped since I’m continuing my education. he incentives are also awesome! I’ve never heard of a company that offers incentives just for doing your job right.
Response from the owner 5 months ago:
Thank you, Ashley! We feel blessed to have caregivers such as you caring for our wonderful clients! Andrea Mosher, Owner - SYNERGY HomeCare of Conroe

May 2019
Tanya Lund
The staff is very friendly and helpful with scheduling, or any concerns you may have - Client and/or Caregiver. Their business transparency allows for both sides to be aware of current matters, and questions are welcome. Working here has been a rewarding and learning experience.
Response from the owner 5 months ago:
Thank you! We value each of our employees and understand the importance of good communication in order to achieve the highest quality of care for our clients. With caregivers like you, our clients are in good hands! Andrea Mosher, Owner - SYNERGY HomeCare of Conroe

May 2019  
My wife and I very much appreciated all of the professional and compassionate care that SYNERGY provided us during the six weeks of care. It began with just a few hours a week and for the last 14 days of Diana's life, SYNERGY provided 24/7 caregivers. We called them "angels on earth" because of their care, concern and compassion.
Response from the owner 5 months ago:
Thank you for the kind words! It was an honor to care for your wife during this time. She was truly one-of-a-kind and gave so much to so many. Thank you for allowing SYNERGY HomeCare to assist you. Andrea Mosher, Owner

April 2019
Choslie Saint Hilaire
The staff is wonderful they care about  their client. And very understanding
Response from the owner 4 months ago:
Thank you! It is only with amazing caregivers such as yourself that SYNERGY HomeCare can provide such a high level of care to our clients. Thank you for all that you do! Andrea Mosher, Owner

April 2019
Jade Palmer
I would tell anyone who is looking for an agency that genuinely cares about their clients to sign up with this company. They took care of my grandma until she passed away. And no matter what, they made sure she never went a day without service.
Response from the owner 5 months ago:
Thank you, Jade! Your satisfaction is of the highest importance to us. Thank you for the recommendation. Andrea Mosher, Owner - SYNERGY HomeCare of Conroe

October 2018
Barbara Bailey

After doing research on different companies I narrowed it down to 2 and interviewed both.  After meeting reps from both companies Debra with Synergy won me over.  Since that time we have gone through many physical changes in the care we …More
Response from the owner a year ago:
Thank you for the kind words Ms. Bailey! We strive to treat each & every client with the respect and dignity they so deserve. I am so happy to hear that Debra "won" you over -- she is amazing and we, as well as all of our clients, are very lucky to have her on our team.

October 2017
Mike Willett
Andrea and her Care Team are second to none.  I've worked with this team for over 10 years and recommend them highly.  This company is focused on providing the very best in non medical home care.  They are a huge asset to those needing assistance with senior care.
Response from the owner a year ago:
Thank you!

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