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What brings you to

senior mom and adult son

Does your parent need a little help at home?
You probably have a loved one—most likely an elderly or aging parent— who needs some help at home. It could be as simple as helping with daily household chores, grocery shopping, or meal preparation. Or more. Whatever you need. We care for people affected by aging or illness to thrive and remain in the home they love.

"Your parents don't need to move into assisted living. We'll bring assisted living to them so they can remain in the home they love so dearly."

Before the storm: take some advice from highschoolers
Once you identify potential concerns about your loved one, the second step is planning for the future. Here is something to consider: When high school students begin thinking about college, they start looking at schools they are interested in nearly two years before they start applying. So, why is this not the same for seniors planning for their Golden Years? Why don’t adult children prepare with Mom and Dad for the future?

This is where we come in. We make recommendations specifically for your needs. Armed with that information, you can make decisions and move forward.

Do miles keep you from seeing your aging loved one?
You may live out of town or even across the country and feel guilty about not visiting your parents as off as you should. You worry about them. You might even call their neighbors to inquire about how your parent is doing. The one thing you know for sure is your parent is not getting any younger and now might be the best time to investigate home care for them.

Physical and cognitive changes aren't always easy to detect
When you see your aging parents only a few times a year, it's hard for you to assess them for physical or cognitive declines. In-home caregivers are trained to monitor your loved one's physical and cognitive changes to report to you when a change has surfaced.

Is your elderly parent lonely?
With the pandemic still keeping seniors isolated at home, loneliness has become a top issue for seniors. Living alone exacerbates the feelings of loneliness. According to Dr. Cole of the National Institute of Health (NIH), "Loneliness acts as a fertilizer for other diseases. The biology of loneliness can accelerate the buildup of plaque in arteries, help cancer cells grow and spread, and promote inflammation in the brain leading to Alzheimer’s disease. Loneliness promotes several different types of wear and tear on the body."

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Did your siblings nominate you to find the best home care for your aging parents?
We’ll make you the family hero by providing compassionate home care for your loved one. Your family will appreciate your due diligence in selecting the best choice for in-home care.

Or is it you who needs home care?

You don’t want your adult children to be burdened with your need for some extra help with the day-to-day. Or maybe you don’t have any relatives nearby. Or the isolation related to the pandemic has made you lonely and you're not sure how to handle the loneliness. Let us be your Senior Safety Net.
The good news is that our experience in-home care is extensive and we care for you or your loved one with the compassion that we’d give our own family. Our companion care is a wonderful way to end the loneliness blues. Did you retire your driver's license? We can take you to appointments, the grocery or wherever you need to go.

The key to our success: the secret sauce

No matter who in your family needs help at home, our secret sauce is what we are praised for, time and again. It's a mixture of compassion, love, empathy and continuity of experienced care infused with strong communication, whether we’re with your loved one for a couple of hours or a 24/7 live-in arrangement.

If you’re shopping around for in-home care for a parent or loved one, you’re probably a little stressed about the process. What do you even ask a home care agency? Here are 15 questions to ask a home care agency to get clarity on their skills, abilities and limitations. Plus, they inevitably create a good conversation.

You're probably tired of every home care agency telling you “we’re the best.” It’s hard. Be sure to have prospective agencies explain their secret sauce!  Read our competitors’ reviews and feel your way to reason as you make your decision. Reviews are the windows into the kind of care you can expect---something everyone searching for the right home care agency should read. While we are a new SYNERGY HomeCare agency serving the Charleston area, our experience in home care is what drove us to serve others like you. (We have successful agencies in the Lowcountry and Nashville areas.) Let's meet in person or on the phone and we'll open "our window" with full transparency so you can determine whether we would be a match for you or you're loved one.  We're an open book.
One more tool that may help you: the pros and cons of hiring an agency vs. private hire.                        

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Family caregivers: You are not alone

According to AARP, there are currently 53 million Americans who provide unpaid care for a family member. That’s approximately one in five adults. Here is another stat that might surprise you. According to ReACT, which stands for Respect a Caregiver’s Time, there are 44 million unpaid elder caregivers in the U.S., and 75% of those caregivers are employed.

Family caregivers indicated that this assistance significantly affected their work lives. The truth is that taking care of a loved one takes its toll—emotionally, physically and financially. Not only can it be detrimental to the health and wellness of the family caregiver, but it can also complicate family dynamics. Many family caregivers spend more than 25 hours a week — in addition to their outside job and managing their household/family — caring for elderly parents and family members.

With someone else to take care of daily caregiving needs, family members (that's you!) can return to simply enjoying their relationship with an aging parent. Instead of feeling overburdened and guilty, time together can be spent creating new and recalling old memories.

We’ll prove how good we are

While we do believe that our agency is a smart choice for non-medical in-home care, we’d like to prove it to you in real-time, and we begin that journey with an in-home care and safety assessment that costs you nothing. It's a good opportunity for you to learn about us as an agency and as caring professionals, as it involves our care team meeting with you and any other involved family members, and of course, your loved one, if you desire.

The in-home visit:
learning about each other
talking with a family

We learn everything we can about your loved one—when they take their prescription medicine /dosage to what their favorite foods are to habits, limitations and so on. A home safety inspection is performed to identify potential safety hazards. We gather information about what you expect from caregiving so that we can meet or exceed your expectations. And a key part of our care is communication with you to have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is well cared for. We'll be sure to ask you to identify any problems, special needs, strengths, weaknesses and resources, as well as evaluate your loved one's:

  • medications and dosing
  • medical history
  • physical abilities
  • cognitive abilities
  • social assessment
  • safety issues within the home
  • short and long term goals
  • communication methods and expectations

The top-ranking benefits
of our assessment

The benefit that towers above all others is the peace of mind you feel from knowing you've finally initiated care for the person who may have spent a lifetime caring for you. And some argue that they are more excited at the cost savings of home care versus an assisted living facility or nursing home. Most of our clients indicate they feel so much better from the peace of mind we offer, but they’re equally as happy about saving a lot of money by using in-home care. And if you're in the sandwich generation, having home care will change your life!

You’re still their baby

Conversation on Aging CoverSomething that seems to be a sensitive topic for some adult children is breaking the news to their aging parents that they need in-home care. We work with you to help with the message delivery to your parents. We’ve done it so often that we understand the process an older person goes through when they believe they are losing their independence and others are beginning to control them. We know the right words, the explanations and the logic to convey to make this a smooth transition—just another benefit of home care—download Conversation on Aging, a guide to discussing in-home care with your aging parents.

PSST—What assisted living, rehab and nursing home facilities don’t want you to know

In-home care is a cost-effective way for loved ones recuperating from a hospital stay or who cannot take care of themselves fully because of functional or cognitive disability. In fact, post-hospital patients who receive home care services are less likely to be readmitted for hospitalization.

And the little secret about in-home care that you'll never hear from an assisted living facility or nursing home: in-home caregivers give one on one, individual care, not one caregiver shared among several patients like some facilities. Think about that!

The beauty of in-home care is that it reinforces and supports the care provided by family members and friends while your loved one maintains their dignity and independence—and morale.

We’re great at long-distance relationships

Are you coordinating caregiving from out of town? When you are confident that your home care provider is top-notch in caregiving and communication, there’s a certain peace of mind that accompanies that confidence. It may even help you sleep at night. We are there when you can’t be.

Compassionate, skilled and trusted caregivers

As professional and compassionate caregivers, you can trust your choice of SYNERGY HomeCare Charleston to have all the bases covered, especially these, which are the answers to new clients’ most frequently asked questions:

  • Background checks. Caregivers have undergone and passed a national background check.
  • Relevant experience. SYNERGY HomeCare has some caregivers with experience caring for people struggling with the same illness or condition affecting your loved one.
  • Backup care. If the caregiver is sick or doesn’t work out, we can find a replacement quickly.
  • Communication. We have open communication, provide status reports and are available 24/7 if you have questions or concerns.
  • Fast upgrades. If the care level or diagnosis changes, we can quickly provide a caregiver with more training.
  • Liability protection. If a caregiver is injured on the job, our insurance covers the cost.

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Have more questions?

You probably have a lot of them! Call us and we’ll answer them for you. We are happy to help you get control of a tough situation and get your loved one’s life (and yours) back on track.

Don't let this happen to you:
In many cases, especially for seniors, family members wait until an incident occurs before seeking help from professional services and ultimately find themselves in a more serious situation than if they had engaged in professional care earlier. 

There’s no obligation; you’ll get the answers you’re seeking and the solution you need.
Plus, you'll get to know us!

If you or a loved one need care in the Charleston area, please call for a no-obligation home safety assessment. 

We're open 24/7.  (843) 936-2982


If you prefer, complete this form, and we will contact you.

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