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We thank our clients for wonderful words reminding us that we make a difference
in the quality of their lives

Reviews are the window into our core of trust and compassion—something everyone searching for the right home care agency should read. Most home care agencies will tell you that they’re "the best in town." Read the reviews and feel your way to reason as you make your decision.

SYNERGY HomeCare's reviews are the stories written about us by clients and their families. We believe it's important for new clients to "feel their way to reason" before hiring us as their caregivers. What we mean by this is for them to get an idea of what it will be like for their mom or dad to have in-home help. That's what reviews do---they paint the picture.

Our Clients Say It Best


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Mary R.
My mother received excellent care from Synergy Homecare. Dana and Nicole were wonderful and helped my mom a lot. I would definitely recommend Synergy HomeCare!

Marilyn J.
The 2 girls I have are very friendly, helpful and efficient. They do everything I ask them to do and I'm very happy with their work. They are intelligent people.

Marjorie R.
Just excellent service. Peachy!!

John W.
Synergy came on board with less than 24 hours after requesting Caregivers. For the next 3 months, the staff was always accommodating when I called requesting changes in staffing needs--including a holiday request for all day & night care due to an unexplained illness. All of the Caregivers were kind, thoughtful, & attentive to my father's needs & wishes. With Synergy Caregivers on the job, I was confident that I could continue with my daily routine & responsibilities and maintain my sanity.

Judy R.
Ashley, the Caregiver that Synergy sent to help my mother following her back surgery was exceptional! She exhibited patience, kindness, and compassion. Because of the quality care she received, my mother was more willing to comply with her care plan and recovered without a problem. I will not hesitate to call Synergy for help with my Mother's care.

Julie F.
I was very pleased with the care we received through Synergy HomeCare in Ann Arbor. Nicole, the owner, was very responsive and easy to work with. The workers she sent were reliable and developed a caring relationship with my father, at such a difficult time. My dad was dying at the age of 91, it was so important to work with caring people you can trust. I highly recommend Synergy HomeCare.

Karen C.
All 3 Synergy caretakers we had were excellent--kind and competent. Katie, who took care of Jack for many months was such a caring, thoughtful combination of personal and professional. She made my life much easier and won Jack's complete confidence. Everyone who overheard her interacting with Jack commented on how sweet she was with him, always positive and encouraging. She was always helpful, washing up any dishes if she was in the kitchen, or vacuuming while Jack was busy with something. She was also an inspiring young woman in her steady work toward her goals and her desire to be of service. We considered ourselves lucky to have her, and hope others have the good luck of having such great help.

Laura M.
I was extremely appreciative, that when my fathers care needs changed, I was able to call Nicole Greer for guidance and assistance. She arranged around the clock care at a moment's notice. This relieved the pressure and stress on my family and the staff where my father was being taken care of. One particular caregiver, Ellen, was wonderful with my father. She made certain his physical and mental needs were met every day. Thank You!

It was great to know that Synergy would take care of my husband Charles in a caring and professional manner when I was knocked off my bike by a car and had to be hospitalized for five days. And on my return from the hospital, they took very good care of me.

Fannie S.
Our experience with Synergy HomeCare was exceptional. We needed help desperately and it came about the week of Christmas. We were able to begin care for our mother with Synergy on Christmas Eve, with very little notice. Nicole went far beyond what would be expected and put us at ease. We employed Synergy through mom's passion on January 3rd. Each individual who showed up each day was caring and fully competent in all of the needs we had. They had suggestions to help us and were always pleasant and never overly intrusive. I was also very impressed with the ease of adjusting time and schedules at short notice. When a call was put into Synergy, it was promptly returned and pleasantly and calmly my changes were made even on the same day. Both Nicole and Ron handled themselves very professionally, personally and caring which is very appreciated when family is under such stress. The journals that are kept each day were very helpful to us in changing over care from professional to family-based. Thank you so much for making a most difficult time as smooth and comfortable as possible. We are and will recommend Synergy to anyone who we know who finds themselves in need of home care.

Fred N.
Synergy HomeCare took very good care of me at my home for four weeks when I was laid up. To have the help at my home for that time was great the girls that I had take care of me were wonderful, and very kind. I would call synergy again if I ever needed help.

Esther C.
We have been extremely happy with all of our home health care workers. They unanimously have kind and caring dispositions. If we ever have a concern, Synergy has been quick to act. Thank you!

Doug P
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Synergy for assisting with in-home care for my mother who has dementia. The staff members are professional, courteous, friendly & caring and have allowed my mother the ability to stay and live in her home with this disease for as long as physically possible.

Having worked in the health care field for many years, I was immediately impressed by the quality of care provided by Synergy HomeCare based out of Chelsea, Michigan. I have always insisted on working for companies that only provide the best in their field - Synergy HomeCare is that company for Home Health Care.

Claudia B.
Dear Nicole and staff, This letter is long overdue. I do apologize for this. I would like to take the opportunity to express to you and your staff the gratitude that myself and my family have for each and every one of you during your care of my mother, Sally K. My mother took a horrible fall in September 2009. Mom suffered a fractured wrist, subdural hematoma, dementia issues, was even given a feeding tube and several other problems. After her hospital stay of 10 days, she was moved to a rehab facility for physical and occupational therapy. Several days prior to Thanksgiving 2009, mom was released from rehab and moved back to her assisted living facility. One day into mom's return, it became very apparent to my brother Dave, myself and the assisted living nurse that Mom was NOT safe to live alone, as the rehab facility lead us to believe. Here it was a few days before a holiday and we felt very lost, frightened and alone. The assisted living facility nurse gave us the number to Synergy and EVERYTHING began to turn around! You, Nicole, gave us hope and relief in our time of need. You comforted us and assured us that help is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Your staff that cared for mom was the most outstanding and loving group of women. They cared for Mother with a gentle-hand, providing for all mother's needs and wonderful conversation. Mother came to truly enjoy their company and the help they gave to her. I cannot express how grateful my brother and I are to each and every one of your staff. Each time we came for a visit with mother, it was obvious to us how attentive your staff was to mom. The ladies were encouraging to mom--even taking her to activities. Mom felt that she had made new friends with your staff and looked forward to seeing them all. In January of 2010, mom took yet another fall. This fall proved to be serious again. She compressed her upper spine. It became clear to us that mom's osteoporosis was more severe than we realized. After another stay in rehab, the doctors advised us that Mom needed a full 24-hour care facility. Mom was moved in February to an adult foster care facility. Mother peacefully passed away on November 10, 2010 with my brother and myself at her side. Nicole, you provided us our first encounter of true caregiving. You set the standard of what kind of care we expected for our mother. And, I will never forget your kind words during our initial conversation as I was trying to talk and all I could do was cry. God blessed my family the day you and your staff came into our lives. Thank you for all you have done for my mother and for us, from the bottom of my heart!

Caroline T.
Our caregivers are kind and honest. We are always refreshed by the people that come from Synergy. We rely on their energy and goodwill and are thankful for their presence.

Betty T.
I am very thankful and satisfied with the excellent care of the caregivers, nurses and physical therapists. If I should have another need for HomeCare I would choose Synergy. I have no complaints, all the caregivers had positive attitudes and professional care.

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Kelyn Eikenberry ★★★★★
May 2020

I have worked with Synergy in Chelsea since last fall. As a caregiver, I feel so fulfilled as I'm given the room to fully care for my clients.  The clients are great and it is very easy to become attached.  To reiterate what other caregivers have said, this is a family environment.  I feel valued and trusted to do my job.  One of the best decisions I have made was to join this team.

Response from the owner  Thank you so much for your kind review! We pride ourselves on caring for our patients and staff to the best of our ability. Thank you for being a valuable member of our team!

Hannah Wilgus ★★★★★
May 2019

I joined Synergy HomeCare as a caregiver 2 months ago and I’m forever grateful that I chose to make the transition. I’ve never felt more supported by a job. We are not just a team, but a FAMILY and we’re all here for each other and our clients. Shout out to Randi and Nicole for being the BEST !!

Response from the owner  We are glad to hear this! It is great that you love being a part of our Synergy family!

Abel Klee  ★★★★★
May 2019

As an employee of Synergy HomeCare for 6+ months I can honestly say that they’re the best company I have ever worked for. They care deeply for all of their employees and the clients we have too. We are a very team-oriented company and we love our fellow sister and brother caregivers and most importantly, our clients and their loved ones. Synergy HomeCare is where it’s at. If you’re not a part of our family, you should be!

Response from the owner  Thank you so much for the kind review!

Judy Richmond ★★★★★
June 2019

I have been on both sides of the fence and give it 5 stars in both areas.

I was totally happy with the care a Synergy caregiver gave my mother after her surgery. They were cheerful, on time and competent. She was able to have the same caregiver for the few weeks that she needed help. I will hire them again if care is needed.

I am also an employee of Synergy and have found it to be an excellent company to work for. I love that I can work as much or as little as I want. It is a perfect job for someone who is retired and wants to get out of the house and help someone else.

Response from the owner Thank you for the review! We are very pleased that you and your mother had an excellent experience with Synergy.

Elizabeth W.   ★★★★★
May 2019

We use Synergy 24-7 for my Grandpa and have been very happy with them! The caregivers are great with him. He doesn’t need much help, but when he does everybody is more than willing to go above and beyond for him. He currently has the BEST group of caregivers. There is some turnover, such as when a  U of M student graduated and then moved on, but the transitions usually go very smoothly and there are still several other familiar faces. The caregivers are all so caring, helpful and really take the time to get to know and understand him. The administrative staff have been really helpful in finding and scheduling people who are the right fit for him and I know that is not an easy task. We feel very fortunate to have such a great team of people looking out for my Grandpa! Thank you Synergy!!

Response from the owner We are so happy you had an amazing experience with Synergy HomeCare of Michigan! Our top priority is the care and well-being of our clients. We are very happy that you and your grandpa found your fit with Synergy!

Karen M. ★★★★★
June 2019

We hired Synergy of Chelsea for my mother who is 86. They have the most wonderful and caring staff who truly are in the right line of work for themselves as you can feel and see the passion in them for doing this type of work, it is a good fit. The staff also is there for someone like me the daughter of someone they are caring for to support me and make me feel like I am not alone regarding decisions that need to be made or even for running something by them just to get their opinion of maybe a way to approach it or an experience they might have had while caring for others that worked well. They are kind, considerate, and quick to get you answers to questions they don't have the answers too immediately. All of the staff is courteous, efficient, and oh so caring. I am thrilled that they are caring for my mother, she is happy and feels so well cared for and so her children (I have 3 siblings) are all very happy with the care she receives.

Response from the owner Thank you so much, Karen! Your Mother is a pleasure to work with, and we so appreciate you entrusting us with her care!

Gayle Fischer  ★★★★★
June 2019

My family has had Synergy for home aide assistance for my stepmom for about 6 months.  My father, the primary caregiver, was recently emergency admitted to the hospital for 4 days and Chelsea Synergy went above and beyond to help us cover care on the home front in the interim.  They've even followed up with concern over my father.  I can't express just how grateful we are for their passion to help!

Response from the owner  Thank you for this wonderful review! We always put our patients first and never leave them behind. Especially in situations like the one your family has gone through!

Jarred Mihaila
May 2020

Response from the owner  This is from a Caregiver who decided to take our PPE supply and then not show up as scheduled for a shift (self-terminated his employment).....unfortunate, but it happens! Thank you to all of our dedicated essential workers!! We love you!!!

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