The pros and cons of home care agency vs private hire


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It would be so easy if price were the only difference

Before you consider a lower-priced provider of non-medical home care services for your aging parent or loved one, many factors should be considered. If you are hiring a “private caregiver” on your own, there are significant risks, responsibilities, and requirements that you will need to manage—that will cost time and money.

As the official “Employer” of an independent caregiver, you should consider the following issues:

  • IRS requires withholdings and taxes must be reported and paid, including Social Security, Medicare, State, and Federal unemployment taxes

  • For the tax year, a Schedule H and a W-2 must be completed and remain on record for your caregiver

  • Verification in the form of an I-9 must be completed to acknowledge your caregiver is legally eligible to work in the U.S

  • What about a criminal background check in all 50 states? It's a significant cost that should not be skipped

  • Drug screen? Another cost, but you may want to consider it for your loved one’s safety

  • Employment verification check to ensure no past problems with your caregiver’s work ethic

  • TB, Hepatitis B, and a physical clearance from their physician is another precaution to keep your loved one safe

  • Liability insurance in place to cover possible theft in the home

15 questions to ask home care providers

At SYNERGY HomeCare of North Leon County, we take care of all the responsibilities and requirements so that you can be worry-free to focus on supporting your loved one. We have qualified and compassionate caregivers ready and available to provide all levels of care — companion, personal, homemaker, transportation, or whatever you may need. We are experienced, professional, and responsive. Our compassionate caregivers treat your loved one like family.


If you or a loved one need care in the Tallahassee area, please call for a no-obligation home safety assessment. 

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