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In-Home Care

Synergy Careteam LogoOur in-home caregivers bring caring to a new level.

With Coordinated and Responsive Engagement in mind, our in-home caregivers are compassionate, competent, and incredibly useful for so many families who may struggle in caring for elderly family members. We couldn’t be more pleased when we find our services benefiting families and, particularly, the seniors who we see each and every day.

Our services are often a lifesaver. Here are just some of the many things we assist with:

Personal Assistance

There are thousands of small tasks you do every day that you may take for granted. When supporting an aging family member, many tasks can be burdensome and frustrating. This can include assisting with transferring your loved one in and out of bed or a wheelchair. This can mean managing finances and communication with others. This can include many personal hygiene needs such as showering, washing, and brushing teeth. This can include being standby for whatever needs arise throughout the daily routine. Let us help.

Light Housekeeping

We want your loved one cared for, but we also want their home to stay clean and well-cared as well. This can mean organizing and keeping the kitchen, bathrooms, and other rooms clean. This can also mean light gardening, changing linens, or keeping up with the laundry. It isn’t always easy keeping a home neat and the dishes clean. Let us help.


You want to make sure that your elderly family member stays healthy. Making sure they are attended to when it comes to mealtime is necessary for assuring their meals are frequent, nutritious, and planned accordingly. It often isn’t easy to ensure that meals are on time and cooked right. Let us help.

Errands and Transportation

The logistics of managing a family that consists of elderly and/or handicapped members can be trying. They may be beyond the time in which you feel comfortable that they are driving on the roads. But they still need to get around. They need to run errands, but also they need to be social and have a life. We ease the burdens involved with keeping your elderly loved one active and do it in way that is most convenient for all family members. Let us help.


Oftentimes, the most useful thing we can do is to simply be there and present. Being supportive and friendly from one moment to the next is what sets us apart. We like to encourage active thinking and an attitude that keeps your loved one positive and happy to be alive. This can mean planning social activities and games that will keep their minds and spirits at work. That is difficult to manage with all of the other concerns they may have. Let us help.

In-home care may be much more affordable than you might think. We know this service is needed by families on all sorts of budgets, so we are willing to cater our services to meet your needs. This may mean care for just a couple of hours or daily full-time in-home care. We are there for you. Let us help.

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