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Alzheimer's Care

Synergy Careteam Logo3Alzheimer’s caregiving is a specialty of ours, and one that we take to heart. 

The needs of a loved one coping with Alzheimer’s can vary widely. Our skilled staff knows what it takes to manage a patient’s care and improve their everyday life in so many small but significant ways. This means being flexible, being responsive, and understanding how memory and the mind work. Knowing what is common with Alzheimer’s patients, and having many tricks of the trade can become a huge help to those who are struggling with the disorder.


Carrying out everyday tasks can become burdensome and can, eventually, be quite frustrating for a person with Alzheimer’s. Our in-home care is equipped with the know-how and skills to ease these irritations for your loved ones significantly through Coordinated and Responsive Engagement. This means many things.

  • It means scheduling wisely. Creating a routine and establishing a predictable schedule for the day can prevent confusion. Our caregivers are well-adept at creating these routines with the help of family members and assisting in carrying them out with the least amount of frustration.
  • It means encouraging independence. Allowing your loved one to do as much as possible for themselves creates opportunities for them to feel capable and adept. This may mean readying certain tasks in order to allow your senior family member to follow through with remaining tasks with ease.
  • It means taking your time. Many tasks take longer than might be anticipated, so scheduling time to take your time will prevent any feelings of being rushed.
  • It sometimes means limiting choices. Our caregivers understand the burdens that come with those living with Alzheimer’s. Making decisions can often be difficult. Limiting choices and, for example, providing only two choices for outfits to choose for the day can sidestep many unnecessary issues that arise.
  • It means reducing distractions. We know that the world is a busy one, and many times this can be disorienting. Reducing things like television noise and additional conversations can help elderly loved ones concentrate on a task they are doing.


Alzheimer’s is a condition that gradually impairs daily activities more and more. In addition, there are times where the impairment may seem more prominent than others. Staying flexible to manage their care from one day to the next is something our caregivers expect and are quite adept at doing.


We want our services to provide the best possible chance for living life to the fullest. We expect to not only keep your loved ones happy and upbeat, but to also improve their cognitive functioning through exercise, games, and conversation. Talking about memories, activities, and what’s going on in the news can oftentimes help with memory retention and can maintain a friendly mood throughout the day.

In order to improve your family member’s capabilities, we empower them to live life to the fullest each and every day and focus on enjoying every moment as it passes. There is nothing like making a happy senior feel like they still have some more wonderful memories to make.

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