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Nominate your local hero
to win $2,500

We're honoring the local heroes who work tirelessly every day to serve us in Yuma County

When we started SYNERGY HomeCare of Yuma, our goal was to take care of people as they age and people affected by illness in Yuma County. After all these years, we’re proud to be a major part of Yuma's healthcare landscape.

Another one of our missions is to give back to the local heroes who serve us each and every day, right here where we live, work and play. Some are public servants... maybe a Fireman or a local Sheriff's Deputy, someone who works at the local grocery store, perhaps a teacher that has taught our children for years. Or a bus driver who deserves to be recognized for what they do. A Doctor or a Nurse. Heroes are everywhere. 

We're proud to announce SYNERGY HomeCare’s Yuma County Heroes program! We want to celebrate our local heroes and award someone nominated by you with $2,500 every single quarter!

This program is designed to shine the spotlight on the Yuma County Heroes who selflessly serve us. All you have to do is nominate someone you feel deserves to be recognized as a local hero. Nurses, EMTs, law enforcement, the bus driver who has taken your kids to school for the past 10 years—anyone who you feel deserves it! Heroes come in all sizes and shapes. The pandemic has illuminated extraordinary people who we may have never considered as heroes before we witnessed their strength and bravery as they helped others on the frontlines. We want to honor one special hero with $2,500 every quarter. 

Who will you nominate?


Your hero must live and work in Yuma County. Just let us know who they are and the reason(s) why they deserve the title of Hero. Every three months we will announce the winner and they'll be awarded $2,500! If your nominee wins, be ready for the biggest hug of your life!

Nominate someone who you feel deserves to be elevated to Hero Status for what they do for all
of us here in Yuma County.

Meet $2,500 Winner Peggy Collins

Meet $2,500 Winner Mark Rivera


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