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peggy collins accepting $2500 check

"She is a paralegal here in Yuma during the day and a superhero in her free time! She has spent over 20 years giving back to the Yuma community and has become a powerhouse of GOOD! 

She’s been a major part of the Yuma Jaycee’s Silver Spur Rodeo for many years and, according to those who know her, she’s a major force in keeping our rodeo alive and successful while many others have not been so fortunate. 

The proceeds of the rodeo, through the Jaycees, go to many charitable projects in the community, which Yuma is very grateful for.

Outside of the Jaycees, she has organized and participated in hundreds of fundraisers and is well known as a person of action. Whenever she hears of someone who needs anything or if there has been a disaster somewhere—she’s the one trying to help get supplies to the needy! This lady is a one-woman community soldier!!!

We’re all human, though, even the superheroes we have right here in Yuma. This superhero needs just a little bit of the love and support from Yuma that she’s come to be known to give. This is Yuma’s way of letting her know we all stand by her, so....Congratulations to a TRUE HERO, Ms. Peggy Collins, You’re the Yuma County Hero!"

8 people with thumbs up giving water to people for fire deptsilver spur rodeo

two women at rodeo2 women at rodeo



mark rivera and melissa dunn holding a life size check for $2500

Mark Rivera is the Town of Wellton's Fire Chief. He has been with the department for 25 years, 17 of those as Chief. It all started when his father was Fire Chief back in 1986. Mark was a station brat and grew up around the fire service.

During his tenure as Chief, he has brought the town’s ISO rating from a 10 down to a 5. In addition, he has developed on-call crews that make it possible to protect the Town 365 days a year. 

On top of being Fire Chief, he holds a full-time job at the Wellton-Mohawk Irrigation and Drainage District. He volunteers his spare time to help coach softball and football at Antelope Union High School. In addition, he is further involved in his community by serving as a school board member at Wellton Elementary. 

coach Mark Rivera with footbal player in front of team busFirefighter Mark Rivera with two coworkers standing  next to firetruck

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