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The best way to keep your senior from falling
starts with a free home safety assessment

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TAKE THE QUIZ! Discover how much care you need.

It takes less than a minute. Painless, too. The quiz leads to a free home assessment where all your questions are answered and you get to know the people behind services. This ensures a good fit, trust and clear communication for the best in compassionate care.

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Download our FREE Fall Prevention Guide

As we age, the fear of falling becomes top of mind. You can reduce the fear of falling for you or your aging parents.

Learn 7 thing seniors can do to prevent falls by downloading our FREE Fall Prevention Guide.

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Discover the Top 10 signs your parents need help at home

Download our FREE guide on the Top 10 signs that your parents may need help.

This guide includes the signs to look out for, as well as talking points and advice on how to approach the conversation with your parents.


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Our COVID-19 Policy

At SYNERGY HomeCare our number one priority is always the safety and well-being of our clients and caregivers. SYNERGY HomeCare practices safety measures issued by the CDC, OSHA, and state and local health departments to ensure the health and well-being of our clients and caregivers. These measures include temperature checks, providing our staff with appropriate personal protective equipment, instruction on frequent hand washing, maintaining social distancing when applicable, and the sanitization of your home. Additional practices may exist based on state or local regulations.

All SYNERGY HomeCare locations are independently owned and operated and are responsible for monitoring and complying with applicable safety measures in effect in the communities they serve.

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In-Home Care Becomes Lifeline for Isolated Seniors

Seniors relish companionship with caregivers

COVID19 Safety Tips for Seniors and a Shout out to SYNERGY HomeCare Caregivers The Morning Blend host Molly Fay chats with Ruth Busalacchi from SYNERGY HomeCare of Greater Milwaukee in Wisconsin about Coronavirus safety tips for Senior citizens.

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Motivational Speaker Thanks SYNERGY Caregivers

As a quadrapelegic, Chad relies on SYNERGY for over 200 days of travel annually.

Chad Hymas, world-renowned speaker, author and motivator, shares his message of gratitude to the SYNERGY HomeCare franchise owners the SYNERGY HomeCare.

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2019 Caregiver of the Year

Congratulations, Matt from SYNERGY HomeCare of Chicago!

SYNERGY HomeCare awards one each year to a dedicated, compassionate, over-the-top caregiver nominated by the SYNERGY HomeCare franchise owner who employs the deserving in-home caregiver.
This year, SYNERGY HomeCare of Chicago owners, Frank Shannon and Julie Naggs, nominated caregiver Matt and he won!
Congratulations to Matt for showing the world why we help others. Matt is a natural. Compassionate, warm, creative and an exemplary employee.
Watch this touching video to learn the story of Matt and his patient, AJ, who is wheelchair-bound with cerebral palsy—but that doesn't mean AJ doesn't have any fun! Matt ensures AJ's world is rich and full.

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Food Drive in Central Illinois

SYNERGY HomeCare of Central Illinois hold food drive

The SYNERGY. HomeCare offices in Central Illinois are holding a Food Drive for the Central Illinois Food Bank so that fewer people in their local communities go without something to eat.

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Making Seniors' Day with Inflatables

SYNERGY HomeCare dress up to visit clients behind glass

he SYNERGY. HomeCare offices in Central Illinois are holding a Food Drive for the Central Illinois Food Bank so that fewer people in their local communities have to go without something to eat.

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Summer and Your Senior's Medications

Learn the side effects of summer heat on medications

Chad Jolley, owner of SYNERGY HomeCare Houston, discusses what to look for during the summer when it comes to medications and potential side effects on Fox26 in Houston.

Our Caregivers

Our caregivers are incredible individuals with an unmatched ability to care for everyone.

  • Professional and committed to their career of care
  • Continual training, education and certifications
  • Dependable, compassionate, knowledgable
  • Bonded and insured for your safety

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What to Expect (No Contracts, Just Care)

We don't require a contract to start caring for you and your loved ones. Give us a call to learn more or find a local agency near you.

What if I need to speak to someone in the office after business hours?

SYNERGY HomeCare's office staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. When the office is closed, there is an on-call person available to help you.

Is Medicare or Medicaid funding available for these services?

Today, Medicare does not cover non-medical home care services. The exception to this is when a patient is eligible for Home Health Care (skilled nursing), continues to meet those criteria, and the home care services are provided by the Medicare certified Home Health Agency; there is a limit to how much home care will be covered.

Medicaid offers some coverage to eligible Medicaid recipients. In this case the agency used must be a certified Medicaid provider.

For more information, visit:

I have insurance and I'm not sure if it covers non-medical home care and/or home health care services, will Synergy HomeCare verify coverage prior to starting service?

Yes. SYNERGY HomeCare is very comfortable in dealing with insurance companies. With your approval, we will check your coverage and let you know the results.

What different services do you offer?

SYNERGY HomeCare is proud to offer a full range of non-medical home care services. Your local office can help you determine the specific services right for your situation.

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